Teaser time

I never really wanted to become famous. But I’m afraid this time, I went too far. I’m on youtube. Right in the middle of some bunch […]

Presenting the weather

A thick sweater or a light t-hirt? The answer can be found on TV5, right after the news. Oh, by the way: the weather report is […]

Jack In The Box

Here’s a little orchestral tune tailored for the latest Danio TV ad: light, friendly, happy,… Yes, even optimistic! With a bit of tension in the beginning […]

Doing the Daft

Weeks become months, and we continiously keep submitting songs to Taxi. And with success. Amongst the songs that got forwarded this month, one presented a completely […]

The Black Keys did not write this

After a couple of weeks submitting our first tracks to Taxi, we have by now succeeded in a first couple of forwards (song submissions to music […]