Sunday, chicken day

Some people take advantage of the Lord’s day to fix their shutters, mow the lawn or do sports. Others spend the very day with their loved […]

Golden Palace @ the movies

What happens when, all over sudden, time stops and everyone around you gets suspended in time? Well, we know the answer: a full symphonic orchestra starts […]

Teaser time

I never really wanted to become famous. But I’m afraid this time, I went too far. I’m on youtube. Right in the middle of some bunch […]


In the south of Belgium, in Mons to be precise, we have discovered an electronics retailer that has caused an impressive death toll over the years. […]

Billy The Kilt is back!

The drumming and piping saga continues. This time, it’s Simon’s turn. He’s really passionate about drumming. But according to his wife and family, he’s totally nuts […]

ALD Automotive

Another full audio post production (incl. original music) by dB minor. This time, we did an explanatory video for ALD automotive, an international car leasing company. […]