Meet Otto (Ian Lyons): a man with no real job, no real home, no real identity, but one heck of a plan: move to Brussels and become a filmmaker. After a few troubled and failed attempts at his filmmaking dream in upstate Connecticut, Otto seeks his luck interning as a video editor at his uncle Franks’ (Ted Fletcher) industrial video production company, “Super Vision”. A little too old to be an intern and never one to dream small, Otto has concocted a plan on how he, with the help of his friend Lars (Ran Yaniv), will become a full-time employee at the company. As such, he will create a team to help him direct his own infomercials, reap tons of money from the success and eventually become a big-time filmmaker like his idol, blockbuster action auteur Bill Nelson. But before much of his plan can materialize, his dedication is tested by infatuation with Maria (Valérie Muzzi), an Italian cat-loving girl, working as a Madame Pipi (toilet attendant) in a movie theatre while studying for her stewardess exams. Spellbound, Otto now shifts his energy to his romantic pursuit by finding the lost cat of Maria’s neighbor to impress her. The two of them connect and Otto learns of Maria’s obsession to visit New York. But the successful search for the cat also impresses Karl (Stefan Sattler), a luckless and drunk private detective looking for someone like Otto to do his dirty work…

A movie by Thorsten Chris Gritschke, available on Amazon.
Original motion picture soundtrack by dB minor, available on iTunes and many other online stores.

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