All that Jazz for Golden Palace

A beat, some percussion, some moody rhodes chords, a slightly bouncy electric bass line and an ethereal solo trumpet: these are the ingredients for a true […]

Kids safety autotuned

And now for something completely different. For the promotion of the Ce-E logo and the EU safety guidelines for children toys, Emakina produced a series of […]

The Amazing Spider-Man

Over the years, we had a couple of really great TV ad opportunities for Starwood Hotels. Last month we did an orchestral track for a joint […]

Doing the Daft

Weeks become months, and we continiously keep submitting songs to Taxi. And with success. Amongst the songs that got forwarded this month, one presented a completely […]

Danio maxed out

Everybody loves Danio from Danone. But let’s be honest, it’s more of a girly thing to eat, right? Presenting Danio MAX: the same delicious taste of […]

The Black Keys did not write this

After a couple of weeks submitting our first tracks to Taxi, we have by now succeeded in a first couple of forwards (song submissions to music […]